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Nov 27 '14 Trends affecting growth of polymer usage in medical device markets
Oct 31 '14 Shale gas developments in USA to impact growth in polyethylene film usage and global trade
Sep 12 '14 Strides in microrobotics, face reconstruction, minimally invasive surgery with shape shifting plastics
Jun 13 '14 Specialty solutions for manufacturers of catheters in healthcare industry
May 14 '14 Self healing polymer patches 3 cm wide holes, mimics blood clotting, is catalyst-free and low-temperature
Jan 14 '14 Soaking up crude oil spills with polymer mesh magnetic nanoparticles, hydrocarbon polymer
Nov 28 '13 Static polymer demand growth estimated in Europe for 2013
Nov 14 '13 Spray Polyurethane foam can help make buildings stronger, more durable
Oct 31 '13 Shale gas propels new investments, profitability for US vinyls producers as other regions face overcapacity
Oct 31 '13 Solutions to reducing consumer electronic waste with biodegradable polymers
Sep 30 '13 Styrenics consumption, at 35,007 kilotons in 2013, estimated to grow by 4.81% pa till 2018
Sep 30 '13 Self-healing polymer fixes its own crack self healing protective plastics coating
Jul 13 '13 Soyameal as bioplastics feedstock, high performance polyamide from renewable resources and other developments
Jun 29 '13 Strong growth in global polyethylene industry expected to continue at a CAGR of 3.5% over next 5 years
Feb 28 '13 Thin film solar cells on flexible polymer foils with new record efficiency for converting sunlight into electr ...
Jan 14 '13 Seismic Fabric delays collapsing of walls due to earthquakes
Jan 14 '13 Thin color-changing films in sensors to detect food spoilage and security
Dec 31 '12 Shale gas dominates in 2012; a challenging year despite signs of improvement
Nov 29 '12 Super-absorbent thermodegradable polyolefin soaks 40 times its weight in oil, membranes for oil spill cleaning
Nov 29 '12 Self-assembling polymer increases hard disk drive memory capacity by a factor of five
Nov 12 '12 Shale gas discoveries drive America's industrial resurgence, will Europe be left behind?
Oct 30 '12 Steady rise estimated in consumption of polymers in medical devices in USA, Europe, Asia Pacific
Oct 15 '12 Strong polyimide aerogels are up to 500 times stronger than conventional aerogels
Sep 28 '12 Technology for flexible electronics opens new possibilities for health care and medical applications
Sep 28 '12 Smart sutures use technology to detect infection and reduce infection post-surgery
Sep 14 '12 Synthetic and bio-based biodegradable plastics market to grow in USA, Europe
Jul 31 '12 Solid surface and other cast polymer materials demand to grow globally
Jul 31 '12 Technological and economic potential of various routes to produce plastics from trees
Jul 14 '12 Super stretchy electronics dielectrics and conductors that stretch like a rubber band
Jun 30 '12 Southeast Asian sourcing locations gain as China loses low-cost advantage
Jun 15 '12 Thinwalled plastics packaging reduces weight, opens up design opportunities
Jun 15 '12 The MENA region offers new growth markets for the solar industry
Jun 01 '12 The global molded plastics market projected to reach 157 mln tons by 2017
Jun 01 '12 Sustainable resource for synthesis of conventional plastics - green chemistry for polymers
Apr 30 '12 Stamped polymer top layer provides opportunity for more-efficient hybrid solar cells
Apr 30 '12 Stable electrodes, easy to assemble highly conductive fibers could give thinner and printable flexible electro ...
Mar 15 '12 Self-healing hydrogel, polymer film to capture tumor cells, polymer for multispectral imaging device
Feb 29 '12 Smart paint detects microscopic cracks
Jan 29 '12 The World of Finished Plastic Products
Jan 29 '12 The Plastindia Show Directory
Jan 29 '12 The Plastindia 2012 International Conference - Towards a Sustainable World
Nov 14 '11 Total global natural fiber composite market expected to grow at 11% CAGR till 2016
Nov 14 '11 Shale gas boom in USA boosts domestic economy, stimulates petrochemical competitiveness
Oct 31 '11 Slowdown expected in 2011 global flexible packaging film market
Sep 30 '11 The future of automotive electric mobility
Sep 13 '11 Steady expansion in global benzene capacity, predominantly in Asia and the Middle East
Aug 30 '11 Supply side issues follow propylene demand recovery
Aug 30 '11 Shale gas discovery and development in USA to change market dynamics
Aug 12 '11 The largest composite bridge in the world, first bridge span with 100% recycled composites outside USA
Jul 14 '11 The Indian composites industry projected to grow at a CAGR of 22% over the next 4 years
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