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Mar 30 '15 Developments in bioploymers aid development of compostable food and beverage packaging
Feb 27 '15 Driven by construction industry, global PP non-woven fabric market to grow at almost 7% uptil 2019
Jan 31 '15 China to drive growth of engineering plastics in Asia Pacific region
Dec 12 '14 Driven by Asia, global capacity for bioplastics production to grow more than 400% by 2018
Nov 27 '14 Driven by polymers, global biomaterials market for implantable devices to see robust growth till decade-end
Nov 27 '14 Developments in polymer materials aid instant cessation of bleeding, wound healing
Nov 14 '14 China and USA to propel global photovoltaic solar installations growth by 20% yoy in 2014
Oct 30 '14 Chemical makers in Japan develop new olefin production processes amid steady stream of serious issues
Oct 13 '14 Developments in biobased polyols for polyurethane applications enhance product performance
Sep 29 '14 Consistent developments in large area electronics spur rapid growth of global flexible electronics
Sep 01 '14 Demand from N America, Europe, APAC, to drive SAP market past US$8 bln by end of decade
Sep 01 '14 Developments in bioplastics feedstock - seaweed, shrimp shells, microalgal biomass
Sep 01 '14 Demand from construction, automotive in APAC drives global growth of masterbatches
Aug 13 '14 Driven by Asia Pacific, Polyurethane coating consumption estimated to grow to 2,644,000 tons by 2018
Aug 13 '14 Driven by OLEDs, flexible display market projected to reach US$3.89 billion by 2020
Jul 30 '14 Cost saving PET pelletizing system produces in single integrated process, underwater pelletizing system
Jul 30 '14 Developments in bio based BPA addresses health and environment concerns and regulations
Jun 13 '14 Carbon nanotube clothing could protect against chemical weapons, transmit and store electricity
Jun 13 '14 Developments in bioplastics aid packaging, automotive sector
May 30 '14 Decline in China's ethylene self sufficiency projected after peaking in 2018
May 14 '14 Developments in compostable, biodegradable polymers made from renewable feedstock
Apr 29 '14 Diapers to drive growth in global Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) Market till 2018
Mar 28 '14 Driven by greenhouse, mulch applications, global agricultural films market estimated over US$7 bln by 2017
Mar 28 '14 Demand for building and construction plastics to grow at 7% pa uptil 2019 globally
Mar 28 '14 Developments in transparent solar cells help achieve record efficiency, generates power from everyday surfaces
Mar 14 '14 Demand for Thermoplastic Elastomers forecast to grow at 5.5% to 5.8 mln tons by 2017
Dec 13 '13 Demand growth in USA lower than global demand for carbon fibers, CFRP- projected to grow at over 15%
Oct 15 '13 Demand for construction and civil engineering work necessitates intelligent waterproofing selection
Oct 15 '13 Despite increasing demand and development of biobased plastics, economic/costs and product properties vary
Sep 12 '13 Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic market to reach US$191.8 mln by 2017, at a CAGR Of 8.6%
Sep 12 '13 Developments lead to expansion of phthalate-free plasticiser and bio based plasticiser production
Aug 28 '13 Developments in anti microbials and alternative microbials
Aug 12 '13 Disorder can improve the performance of plastic solar cells
Jul 31 '13 Consumption of Wind Energy Composites forecast to grow 12.8% pa between 2013 and 2018
Jul 04 '13 Developments in ancillary equipments help achieve reduced cycle time, save energy
Jun 29 '13 Doubts increase over growth potential of India’s petrochemicals industry
Jun 14 '13 Developments that will trigger a boom in the business of printed electronics
Jun 01 '13 Despite gloomy European economic scenario, investment continues in chemical triangle of Central Germany
May 14 '13 Developments in Electroactive Polymers immerse users in a high-definition world of tactile experience
Apr 03 '13 Cheaper, greener, paint-on plastic electronics
Mar 30 '13 Developments in electronics and semiconductor industries drive growth of global electroactive polymers
Mar 15 '13 Developments in policy on further reduction of plastic waste in EU
Feb 28 '13 Converting meat byproducts into bioplastic
Feb 14 '13 Conducting polymer can generate electricity from temperature difference between fingertips and environment
Jan 31 '13 Considerable demand increases in global Polypropylene market, expected to grow at a healthy rate to 2020
Jan 30 '13 Dynamic development of global propylene demand to over 20 million tons by 2017
Dec 14 '12 Cheaper natural gas feedstock from shale to revitalize North American Polyethylene business
Nov 12 '12 Drug-eluting stent with bioabsorbable polymer coating, smart polymers allow more subtle control and timing of ...
Oct 30 '12 Driven by growth from Asia Pacific, global PET market expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% from 2011 to 2016
Oct 30 '12 Developments in high-performance plastics, antimicrobial grades for medical applications
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